17000 Days is about enjoying life. That’s the point.

The name 17000 Days comes from the how many days exercise. It gives you an estimated number of the days left in your life. When I first did this calculation, my answer was a little over 17,000, and I decided to write a blog about what awesome thing I did with each of the 17,000 days. That seemed a little self-centered and boring, though. I decided instead to pass on the ideas and insights that have inspired or helped me make my life better. I used to feel miserable, trapped, angry, frustrated, filled with dread, and afraid, pretty much all the time. A lot of small changes to what I do and how I relate to the world have added up to a life I truly enjoy. If I share, maybe others will do the same. I’d like that.

I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from minimalist blogs lately, but this isn’t really one of those. Minimalism is great, but it can get a bit extreme. I think it’s possible to live a satisfying life even if you have a job and a car and a house and a lot of shoes… in short, a regular life. Working toward that goal is what this blog is about.

As for me, I’m a chick in my 30s living in Huntsville, Alabama, about as unglamorous as you can get. My most important goal for myself is to be the real me.

By the way, the original post that inspired this whole thing is here: http://kk.org/ct2/2007/09/my-life-countdown-1.php

4 Responses to About

  1. Expressmom says:

    Inspiring! I dread to see an estimate of how many days I have left. Although, I suspect I’d be paying better attention to how I live each one if I knew!

    Thanks for a great idea!

  2. Lucas says:

    You are a great writer, Cara! Keep it coming! You start to inspire me in my quest and express myself.

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